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New routine: weights then swim laps. I love to swim so I swim as many laps as I can as fast as I can until I can’t push myself anymore. Goal is to increase the number of laps each week. Hopefully will help in decreasing body fat. So far so good and I look even more forward to the gym each day. 👍💪🏊 #fitfam #fitness #freeruns #gymlife #workout #motivation #hardwork #dedication #reachgoals #results

  • white people: this is SO spicy
  • me: it's water

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The details matter … #style

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Every Pixar movie summarized in terrible Microsoft Paint drawings.

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your life hasn’t been completed until you see giraffes fighting 


you’re welcome

i thought they were partying

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Good getaway to the city today with my bro @reyjr77. Chance the a Rapper round 2 was a success. #thewarfield #sanfrancisco #chancetherapper

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*dips your opinion in salsa and eats it*

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this bitch is just too sexy for her own good… got that Barbados voodoo and shit.

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Actual gif of my bro, swolizard .

bruh dont hate me cause you aint me

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